Come take a journey with us, somewhere between dreaming and reality. As time travelers of the universe where the past, present and future unite; where Pueblo Indians discovered Turquoise and Spanish explorers evolved into colonists; where mining camps flourished over the abundant earth. A land of secrets from ancient times, meets modern day cowboys, artists and lovers of this special place.

Slide out of the saddle and shake off the dust. Quiet the pipes of your Triumphs and Harleys. Hitch up your horses and mountain bikes. Can you hear the rumbling of the West bound train, or the calling of the triangle dinner bell? Step back in time as you enter through the crooked doors and onto the rickety wood floors of an 1880’s saloon. All adventurers welcome!

Pull up a chair and settle in. Indulge yourself in the grub, Wild West style, perhaps a juicy and flavorful El Chivato Burger or a Black Jack Ketchum. Quench your thirst with a tasty pint of local brew and feel the easy-going days of old and new. Offerings here are genuine, simple and good. Off the grill and out of the tap, it’s what we love!

You’ll find us in the enchanting village, among the little hills and dusty air, just past a blue door and adobe walls. Where the ravens and crows do their dance and like minded folks gather to become storytellers.

We are ‘The Black Bird Saloon’ and pioneers of the 21st century!
Kelly and Patrick Torres, both on the path of creating a dream. Cheers!