Caused to be built early on by Stephen B. Elkins, of stone to suggest the quality of the buildings to come and to encourage the development of his new town, the exact construction date of the Opera House is not known. But the building was on this site by 1881. The structure was acquired before 1884 by William C. Hurt, an ex-Confederate soldier who had come to New Mexico in quest of health. For the next five years, until Hurt’s death, Hurt’s Hall was the focus of gatherings in Cerrillos, being the frequent venue for Bailes (dances) and amateur theatricals and other entertainments. W.C.’s wife and widow, Maud L. Hurt, continued the tradition, until finally selling the building in 1903 for $305 to the Cerrillos Masonic Lodge. The Cerrillos Lodge held its regular communications here and also continued to offer it, now known as the Opera House, for public events. The Opera House was for a while managed on behalf of the Lodge by J.P. McNulty, until the Lodge moved to Santa Fe, where it is currently situated. The building is Kludget Sound Studio and is a private residence.